Why is customer feedback and reviews important to us?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 by SD


Why is customer feedback and reviews important to us?


We value your opinion and care about what you have to say. It also tells us how well we are doing and the areas we may need to focus on for improvement.  We are constantly trying to improve your experience, and customer feedback is a vital part of our process and overall success.

In order to stay objective, we engage an independent 3rd party company to survey our customers after each service or installation appointment. The survey results are shared on our web site.  See our Testimonial Section for additional customer comments.

We appreciate the time our customers take out of their busy schedules to provide the feedback and we THANK YOU for that!

Bottom-line, we care what our customers think about us and we are always striving to be the best!  

For your reference, we will periodically highlight some of the reviews that have been posted in future blogs. We will display the reviews by town throughout Central Massachusetts.

Please don’t forget to leave us your feedback today!











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