Smart Thermostats for the Smart Home

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 by SD

Smart programmable thermostats are a convenient way for homeowners to keep their home comfortable and efficient. You now have the ability to control your comfort and temperature needs anywhere -  anytime, at your fingertips.

In addition to convenience, installing a smart thermostat in your home may help reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bills according to ENERGY STAR.

Energy efficiency is essential. If you have a home with multiple zones, you probably have separate thermostats. Converting to smart thermostats Eallows you to control your system’s zones remotely using a smartphone, a computer, a tablet or even a smart speaker/virtual assistant.

In today’s fast paced society, we can all use help keeping track of our to do list. Another advantage the smart thermostats offer to help protect your HVAC investment is the issuance of auto alerts.

Auto alerts will be sent to remind you to change the filters, schedule the annual system maintenance in addition to alerting you if there is a potential problem, so you can address it proactively.

The smart thermostat offers many features and accessories such as remote sensors, leak detection, security cameras and humidification notification. Specific smart thermostat models’ interface with remote sensors in various rooms of your home used to balance the hot and cold areas outside of the thermostat main location. They also interface with leak detection sensors to provide peace of mind knowing you will get an alert with the slightest water detection.

Overall, the smart thermostat not only helps to conveniently manage your HVAC efficiency but help save on energy consumption while keeping all of your living spaces comfortable.

Find out which smart thermostat is right for your home. You will need one that is compatible with your current heating and cooling system, is reliable, and fits in with your home decor. Call us today 508-248-5551!



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