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If you're interested in upgrading your home's energy performance, a geothermal heat pump could be the ideal solution for your home. Also known as a ground-source heat pump, geothermal heat pumps use the steady temperature of the earth to provide heating and cooling for your home.

As the local geothermal heating experts, Meacham Companies can evaluate your home and recommend the best solutions for your needs. Call us today at 1-855-212-6496 or click below to get started with an estimate on geothermal heat pump installation in Auburn, Hopkinton, Sudbury, and the nearby areas.

How a geothermal heat pump works

A geothermal system is made up of three parts: Ground source heat pump installed in your home, Ground loop system, installed underground in your yard and the distribution system using radiators or ductwork. In the winter, heat energy is removed from the ground and distributed to your home.  Even when winter temperatures drop below zero, a geothermal heat pump has a steady heat source that ensures efficient operation. In the Summer, when cooling is necessary the earth can act as a heat sink enabling the heat pump to efficiently cool and dehumidify your indoor air.

Some geothermal heat pumps are equipped with a secondary heat exchanger called a "desuperheater". The additional heat exchanger enables the system to supply hot water for washing. This type of HVAC system is considered by many to be the gold standard for energy savings as well as for green value and reliability. Your savings are maximized by dramatically cutting water heating expenses in addition to providing economical heating and cooling.

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Efficiency from the earth. In summer, a GHP uses the refrigerant cycle and a ground loop system to move heat from indoors to the earth. In winter, the system reverses and heat can be moved from the earth to the home. Drawings supplied by

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling

  • Suitable for new construction and retrofit applications.
  • Utilizes renewable energy: the steady temperature of the earth.
  • Heating and cooling all-in-one.
  • One of the most efficient HVAC systems for supplying heating, cooling, and (with some systems) hot water.
  • Up to 72% more efficient than electric resistance heating.
  • Heating water with a geothermal heat pump can save 80% - 95% over the cost of operating a separate tank-type water heater.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No outdoor equipment.
  • Extremely durable. Ground loops may last as long as 100 years; indoor units up to 25 years.

Get expert geothermal heat pump installation for your home

If you're interested in improving your home's energy efficiency and comfort with a geothermal heat pump, Meacham Companies are the local experts you need. We can provide you with the right system for your home's needs to ensure you get the energy savings that you want for your home. Call us today at 1-855-212-6496 or contact us online to get started with an estimate on geothermal heat pump installation or any of our HVAC services. We proudly serve Hopkinton, Auburn, Sudbury, and all of Central MA.

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