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No matter what type of heating system you need, we will provide a quality, efficient system.

For most homeowners, heat is a necessary expense. However, that doesn't mean that your heating system needs to be a major drain on your wallet. At Meacham Companies, we specialize in installing a variety of efficient heating systems that will give your home the comfort you need without excessive spending.

Depending on your needs, we can install a heating system that uses any type of fuel source. Our experienced professionals will help you identify the best solution for your needs and give you a quality installation.

If you're interested in upgrading your home heating system, call us today at 1-855-212-6496 or click below to get started. We offer installation and repair estimates on all types of heating systems in Auburn, Hopkinton, Sudbury and throughout the surrounding areas.

Types of heating systems available in MA

  • Oil: Oil is one of the most common heating systems available, and it is a very reliable and easy to manage heat source. Oil furnaces are part of a forced air system that evenly distributes heat throughout the home.
  • Gas: Gas furnaces can be run on either natural gas or propane, with both offering a more environmentally friendly option than oil heating. Gas furnaces generally have good efficiency, and a sealed combustion furnace will provide great energy savings. When combined with stable fuel prices, gas heating systems are an appealing option for many homeowners.
  • Radiant: Radiant heating systems transfer warmth through walls or floors rather than blowing hot into the room. While these systems are a nice addition for certain areas, they aren't ideal as a whole home heating system.
  • Hydronic: Hydronic heating systems use hot water to heat homes through baseboard heating or heated floors. Hyrdonic heating typically relies on a hot water boiler, but can also us propane gas boilers in what is known as an LP heating system.

Get the right heating system to keep your home comfortable and efficient

If you're interested in upgrading your home heating system, the experts at Meacham Companies are here to help. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your home and help you choose the right option for your needs.

Call us today at 1-855-212-6496 or contact us online to get an estimate on a heating system installation for your home. We offer all our heating services in Auburn, Hopkinton, Sudbury, Sutton, Uxbridge, Paxton, Princeton, Weston Framingham, Franklin, Waban and throughout the surrounding areas.

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