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Vicinity of Merriam Rd in Charlton
-Need to have my heating system have an annual inspection/cleaning. -We have also been having a decent amount of water being evacuated from the pressure relief tube on the boiler. -Experiencing some issues with water pressure in the second floor shower as well.
Vicinity of T. Hall RD in Charlton
Vicinity of Baylies Rd in Charlton
Looking for an AC install quote. We already have forced hot air furnace with all the duct work.
Vicinity of N. Sturbridge Rd & Cranberry Meadow Rd in Charlton
I am in the beginning stages of building a new home in Charlton and Im looking for an estimate on installing a Geothermal heatpump. I have a good idea of what I am looking for, but need pricing for financing purposes. I am looking for something similar to a Waterfurnace 7 series or York YAFV series (all inverter drive) with a zoning system such as the IntelliZone2 system. I am looking for a unit with desuperheater and storage tank with an electric on demand water heater as the second stage for domestic hot water. The house is roughly 2600sqft, single story ranch, with 8ft walls and 3.5 pitch vaulted ceiling. 2 bedrooms, master suite, and a 1000ft common area. This house is being designed as a Net-Zero build and will have 10KW of solar to power all the electric utilities. Thank You
Vicinity of A F Putnam Rd in Charlton
25 yr old oil boiler thinking of propane conversion
Vicinity of Turner Rd in Charlton
Installation of ductless a/c system in home.
Vicinity of North Sullivan Road in Charlton
I have a oil fired boiler with on-demand hot water. The hot water pressure is horrible and does not seem to maintain hot water for long durations (length of shower). I would like to get a quote to fix/replace on-demand system and perhaps look at supplementing with a storage tank to help maintain pressure.
Vicinity of S Sullivan Rd in Charlton
We purchased Nest thermostat and hooked it all up and it was working fine for a day. But found this morning (we think) that its not getting enough power. The old thermostat only has an 'R' and 'W' wire, no 'C'. After researching, it seemed that the lack of 'C' was the problem. We've installed the old thermostat back (which also has batteries), but are wondering what a quote would be to take a look so that we could use a Nest Thermostat or if that is something that you service? We believe this involves running a common 'C' wire.
Vicinity of Carroll Hill Road in Charlton
Looking to get an estimate for spring installation
Vicinity of Wakefield Dr in Charlton
I was told by the last service tech that visited that I need to speak with Mark about the replacement of our Waterfurace GSHP. I would also like to talk about the installation of a heat pump water heater. Thanks.
Vicinity of Old Worcester Rd in Charlton
We are interested in a heating and cooling system for our home. We would like an estimate for a geothermal system.
Vicinity of Old Worcester Rd in Charlton
We would like an estimate to put in a cooling system for our home.
Vicinity of Windy Ridge Lane in Charlton
I'm looking for a quote on a ductless Mitsubishi system.
Vicinity of T. Hall Road in Charlton
I have been considering getting a heat pump system for my home for some time. I currently have radiant ceiling heat so there is no HVAC infrastructure currently in place. It seems reasonable that if I put in a new system I would want heating and cooling which I assume would mean a forced air system. Since most of my basement is finished it is the installation of ductwork that I am not sure about. If it wasn't for the installatioon of duct work I would lean toward geothermal but I think an air system like the mitsubishi or lennox systems seems more feasible. So any way I would love to have someone come look at the space and see what the options might be.
Vicinity of Brackett Hill Road in Charlton
Look for a quote on central air.
Vicinity of Stafford Street in Charlton
We have single-zone forced hot air and no air conditioning. We would like to independently zone one floor, adding an additional duct. We would also like to add central air conditioning.
Vicinity of BURNS LANE in Charlton
Looking for a quote to install central ac on second floor and 2 mitsubishi split systems on first floor.
Vicinity of Hanson Road in Charlton
Interested in getting estimate for Mitsu Electric Ductless AC system; determining how many units needed (and placement) to adequately cool 1,800-square-foot Colonial built in 1994.
Vicinity of King Rd in Charlton
We are looking to have a "Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System" installed and would like to get a quote. Thank You
Vicinity of McKinstry Drive in Charlton
Just looking for estimates on heating and cooling systems to help save us money & keep us comfortable all year round.
Vicinity of in Charlton
I have electric heat- cost is outrageous and we are still cold. The house is only 800SF and the bill is over $500 a month.
Vicinity of Colburn Rd in Charlton
Looking to retrofit an all electric house with a geothermal system.
Vicinity of Stafford Street in Charlton
1. Our house has a forced hot air system with a propane furnace. The ground floor has a multi-purpose room that we are using as a bedroom. Apparently this room does not have duct work for heating. We would like to add ducts and vents to make this room comfortable in the cold weather. 2. Probably for next year, we would like to explore the possibility of installing a dual-fuel furnace that uses propane and wood pellets.
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