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Meacham Companies is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Framingham. Learn more about Meacham Companies's recent work requests in Framingham and nearby areas!

Learn more about Meacham Companies' recent work requests in Framingham, MA
Vicinity of Brookfield Avenue in Framingham
My old oil heater (boiler} is completely broken. I need a new one and qualified people to fix a new one. How much will it cost me to get a new boiler and to install it, and do you have a monthly payment arrangement? I don't have a heater in the house now and it is Winter.
Vicinity of Old Worcester RD in Framingham
I have remodles the kitchen and need to install ductvwork for stove downdraft and twonold ducts moved due to new counters.
Vicinity of Gates St in Framingham
The bang bang sound in the pipe for the hot water
Vicinity of Cornell Rd in Framingham
We need a new oil furnace installed ASAP. I need a quote as I just had mass save due energy audit and am applying for no interest loan Thank you
Vicinity of Joseph Rd in Framingham
Campinelli ranch with original boiler needs replacing- currently mixing valve completely broken, considering full boiler replacement.
Vicinity of Fenway Dr in Framingham
Currently have 31 yr old working oil burner. heats baseboard and hot water, electric stove existing. What are my options to have all converted to propane and the cost
Vicinity of Gates St in Framingham
Estimate for installing HRV for one room
Vicinity of Parker Road in Framingham
Need estimate for new central air conditioning.
Vicinity of Worcester Road in Framingham
Have an 11,000 sq.ft. building being rehabed and need to rework the HVAC. Please call if interested.
Vicinity of Davidson Rd in Framingham
We have lots of air loss in our attic and have some floors with no air coming out of the vents and some floors that are very hot and some inbetween. We had MassSave come out and they said our Dam and Joints(?) need work. We are looking to get a full evaluation of our duct work to ensure everything is sealed, insulated and set up properly so we aren't losing heat in walls, attic or elsewhere.
Vicinity of Old Connecticut Path in Framingham
Hi There i live in a very old house in Framingham that have Gas heat with forced air. Very unbalanced heat and leaky duct work. Windows AC for summer. I'm getting quotes to get a ball park to have everything replaced to a better high efficiency hot/cold system by spring time. thanks Luciano
Vicinity of Tripp St in Framingham
I need to get a quote to install ductwork on my new paint booth and a couple of other small vents. Thank you, Shaun
Vicinity of Davidson Road in Framingham
Improve or new ductwork for our heating/cooling system
Vicinity of Perry Henderson Drive in Framingham
My oil furnace is ridiculously inefficient. It cycles on and off very short durations (anywhere from 2 to 15 seconds) so I'm getting killed on electricity as much as I am on oil. I recently had the chimney and flue rebuilt and I was hoping that might help but it hasn't. I'm due for a tuneup but I'd like to discuss options for upgrading my current system.
Vicinity of Karen Rd in Framingham
Currently have an oil burner that is in need of replacement. Looking to covert to propane since natural gas not available to my street yet. Looking to have heating and cooling system.
Vicinity of Garvey Rd in Framingham
We are looking into a ductless heat pump system. would like an estimate as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Wayside Inn Road in Framingham
Need an estimate for either repairing a forced hot water system (that runs on oil or replacing it with a forced hot air system.
Vicinity of Circle Drive in Framingham
Need a water heater and a boiler replacement. Need quote.
Vicinity of Maple St in Framingham
The fan on my coleman unit seems to have gone bad
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