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2018 Super Service Award
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Testimonials From Worcester County
Quick, courteous and professional service.
Testimonial by Peter C. from Warren, MA
We always get great service and you show up the time you tell us.Your employees. Are very friendly and know their stuff. Thanks
Testimonial by Debra W. from Warren, MA

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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized in Worcester County, MA.

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Job Stories From Worcester County, MA
Cost-Effective Furnace Replacement in Westborough, MA

Amanda from Westboro, MA called the Meacham Companies for a solution to lower her energy bill. She explained she has a very limited schedule with little time to dedicate to the process. First, we recommended a Mass Save Audit to identify areas for energy improvements. We coordinated the Mass Save Audit appointment with our Comfort Advisor’s appointment, to help Amanda save more time. Based on our findings, our Comfort Advisor gave Amanda all applicable rebate and incentive programs that were available totaling $1,750.00.


Our Comfort Advisor met with Amanda to understand her comfort needs and evaluate her existing system for heating and cooling. The recommendation included the replacement of her 20+ year old furnace, with a Goodman Gas Furnace 96%, with Two Stage Gas Valve and Variable Speed Blower for the 1st Floor. For the AC, we installed a Goodman GSX16 Condensing Unit with Matching Coil for the 1st Floor.


To further help Amanda, we took the lead to complete and process all the paperwork needed to participate in the Mass Save early replacement rebates and the zero percent financing programs. This worked out perfectly for Amanda and she was so pleased to work with a company that valued her time and provided a quality, cost effective solution to achieve her goals!  Not only did she get an energy efficient heating system, the energy audit exposed other areas in her home to needed to be addressed for more savings.  


Heating and Air-Conditioning Installation in Shrewsbury, MA

Andrew struggled with comfort issues on the second floor of his home until he finally decided to call the Meacham Companies. He has a single zone gas furnace, which did not allow him to regulate the temperature throughout the house evenly. This caused a lot of frustration.

 Andrew contacted us explaining his concerns, so we set an appointment with one of our top Comfort Advisors to evaluate the heating and comfort concerns.  After a careful assessment, the Comfort Advisor proposed a gas furnace and air-conditioner in addition to his primary system. It turned out the original primary gas furnace was not properly sized (as is often the case) and completely incapable of handling the heating demands of the home. So, by adding a system as a separate zone, the heating and cooling can now be controlled independently for each floor.

Andrew has been extremely happy since the installation and he now has more control and balanced comfort for his heating and cooling needs throughout his entire house.


Air Conditioning Replacement in Westborough, MA

Homeowner Joe of Westboro, MA had a large service repair ahead of him to get his 2nd floor heating system up and running for the winter. Our Service Technician assessed the situation and provided pricing for the repair. Based on the age of his equipment, and the investment required to simply repair it, our technician made the recommendation for Joe to talk to one of our Comfort Advisors for possible replacement of the system.

 The homeowner met with our Comfort Advisor and decided to take advantage of the Mass Save Early Replacement Rebate Program, so he could upgrade his heating system to a higher efficiency unit.  Joe also chose to be proactive by replacing his air conditioner condensers for the cooling season, since the units were very old.

Joe is happy with his new installation of equipment, knowing he was able to upgrade to higher efficiency equipment and have peace of mind that he will have a functioning, efficient system, throughout the heating and cooling seasons.

Oil Furnace Repair, Auburn Massachusetts

Howard called to report his oil furnace making a very loud noise. We immediately scheduled a service appointment to diagnose the issue. The tech cycled the unit to discover the blower wheel needed to be replaced. We ordered the part and repaired the very next day. Howard was extremely happy with the service he received from our office and with the tech that came to his home. His system is now working perfectly!

Geothermal, Princeton Massachusetts

Mark and Paula recently purchased a home in Princeton Mass. that is equipped with a geothermal system. Not being from the area or knowing anything about geothermal they were franticly looking for an experienced HVAC company. They happen to see our trucks at their neighbor’s house, so they decided to introduce themselves and check in with the neighbor to see how they liked us. The neighbor gave us rave reviews and highly recommended us!

Mark and Paula scheduled an appointment for a maintenance. During the visit we explained how the system works and provided a consult for how to take care of the system.

They were so happy with our technicians and scheduling abilities, they signed up for an annual maintenance plan. We are pleased to have Mark and Paula as our new customers, and we look forward to servicing their system for years to come.


Furnace Installation, Uxbridge MA

While performing the annual maintenance on a 14 yr old gas furnace we discovered the heat exchanger is starting to corrode on the outside of the tubes and is functioning on borrowed time! Given the age of the unit and the potential safety issue, we recommended  Mike get a quote for a high efficiency system and to sign up for a Mass Save audit to take advantage of the rebates and loan.

One of our top Comfort Advisors, Shaun consulted with Mike and his wife to understand if they have any current comfort issues in their home.  Mike did mention some hot and cold areas, so Shaun performed a heat load calculation and took some measurements to ensure the unit is correctly sized. 

Shaun recommended a high efficiency 60,000 BTU system with a 3-ton air conditioning unit with a  better air filtration system with possibly adding humidification to address some of the comfort issues.

Mike had the system installed about two weeks after signing the proposal and now he and his wife are comfortable in any part of their home with the peace of mind their new system is efficient and safe. The customer also purchased the new installation plan for an extended warranty for up to 10 years!!


Honeywell Thermostat Replacement, Paxton MA

Phil and Gwen decided it was time to replace their thermostats with the latest technology. After extensive research they chose the Honeywell Touchscreen Wifi Pro and they couldn’t be happier! They can now control the temperature, change the schedule, check the humidity levels and much more, all remotely! They are so pleased with the convenience and ease to control their HVAC system at their fingertips!

Furnace Maintenance, Sutton MA

Betty called the office complaining that her 10-year-old gas furnace was making loud noises, but the heat appears to still be working. We asked her when the last time she a maintenance on her system was, and she said she did not know. We recommended to Betty that she has her system cleaned and if there is an issue, we will find it during the maintenance.  So, she did. During the maintenance call we found a dirty igniter switch which may have caused the noise.

Once we powered the system back up, the noise disappeared!! Betty was so relieved and pleased with the professionalism, she signed up for an annual maintenance service plan.

The tech explained to Betty how important it is to extend the life of your furnace and entire HVAC system by having annual maintenance. He also explained that most manufactures require annual maintenance for warranty eligibility. 

Central Air Conditioning Installation, Bolton MA


Kevin was determined not to go through another hot summer without Air Conditioning on the second floor of his home, so he called The Meacham Companies.  He explained his concern and described how hot the bedrooms can get even though the temperature outside is not that hot. He said was looking for a cost-effective solution but shared his doubts since his primary heating system is oil baseboard with no ductwork.  We assured him that we could help him find a custom comfort solution and set an appointment with our Comfort Advisor, Chris, to come to his home and evaluate.


Upon arriving at the home, Chris met with Kevin and his wife to go through a series of questions, take measurements and pictures of all the rooms in order to assess the overall solution.  After a thorough evaluation, Chris was able to engineer a custom cost-effective high efficiency design that solved the upstairs cooling problem. This also allowed us to indirectly cool the other 2 zones in the home. 


The solution also included integrated controls which allows the utilization of the heat pump in the fall and winter months as the primary heat source minimizing their oil fuel usage.


Kevin is extremely happy with the installation and the ability to take advantage of the Mass Save rebates!  Kevin and his family are enjoying their new system and they are all sleeping comfortably!

Central Air Conditioning Installation, Bolton MA - Photo 1
AC Repair, Webster, MA

Lois noticed her AC was not keeping up and her home was just not cooling, so she panicked when she heard the latest weather forecast for another heat wave over the weekend!   Lois urgently called the office to schedule a technician to come out and look at her AC.

The technician was scheduled the very next day. He was able to quickly be determined the blower was running but not the condenser was not. Upon inspection outside where the condenser is located, he noticed all the disconnects hanging off the side of the building. It turns out they are residing the building and they forgot to reconnect everything.   The technician secured the connections and reset the breaker and the AC was back up and running in time for the weekend heatwave! Lois was so happy with how quickly we resolved her issue.

Humidifier Leak, Southbridge MA

Cliff noticed water on the floor appearing to be leaking from the humidifier. He quickly shut the humidifier off and called Meacham Companies for service. We sent a technician out the same day to investigate. We found the drainage tube to be obstructed,  so the technician cleared the obstruction and sloped the tube away from the unit. The technician powered the humidifier back on, and everything was running perfectly with no leaks.  Cliff was extremely happy with the quick, prompt and professional service!


Outstanding Service in Northbridge, MA

Karen called the office to report her AC not working and stated she would like a technician out as soon as possible. We dispatched the technician that was in the area within the hour. Karen was extremely happy we responded so quickly! The technician performed diagnostics and found that the compressor was not working. The technician replaced the compressor and had has the system up and running. Karen and her husband were so grateful we could respond so quickly.

Maintenance, Oxford MA

Christine called our office to set up a maintenance for her Air conditioner. She said she never had a maintenance service on her AC  and indicated  her unit does not seem to be running efficiently.  The office set an appointment for Christine the following week. The technician arrived, performed the maintenance and found the filters needed to be replaced and he removed the dirt collecting on the coil.  After performing a thorough cleaning the technician powered the system back up. The technician explained the importance of an annual maintenance to keep her system running at peak performance and efficiency.

Tankless Water Heater , Millbury MA

Tony needed to replace his water heater as it was starting to leak. He was looking for more efficient options, so he called Meacham’s for a consult.  Based on the consult, Tony decided to move forward with our recommendation for a Rinnai tankless water heater.  Tony liked the idea  of higher efficiency in addition to a potential longer lifespan,  so he scheduled the install.  Overall, Tony was very happy with the install and he is already seeing the benefits of a tankless water heater.


Boiler Repair, Dudley MA

On a hot July day, Celile noticed that the heat was running on the first floor even though the thermostat was not calling for it. She immediately called the Meacham Companies to repair her unit.  Upon arrival, the technician noticed the boiler was running for the hot water and what the cause was. The technician fixed the problem so that the heat could be shut off. The technician also gave Celile some longer term recommendations with options if this issue should occur again. Cecile was very pleased at how knowledgeable the technician was and that he had an understanding of the problem within minutes of his arrival.  Cecile commends the technician and the Meacham Companies for excellent service!


Air Conditioning Service, Sturbridge MA

Robert has a very old air conditioning unit that would not start up.  He preferred to repair the unit verses replace it, so he called the Meacham Companies for service. We have experienced technicians servicing many different brands, specifically the brand he was calling about. We dispatched the technician to Robert’s home and diagnosed the issue. The parts were not readily available, so we searched the supply base until we found them.  Once we received the parts, we went back to Robert’s home to replace the parts and got the system up and running. Robert was extremely pleased with how knowledgeable and efficient the technician was and that his AC is working again!


Maintenance and Repair Plan, Douglas MA


Steve called the office inquiring about maintenance plans for his 14-year-old gas furnace and air conditioner.  Given the age of his system, we recommended the maintenance and repair plan. This plan includes annual maintenance, priority scheduling, no diagnostic fee, discounted emergency service fee, $500 parts and labor up to $2000 annually and more!  Steve signed up for the year, had his first maintenance and was extremely pleased.  He plans on renewing his plan for next year to protect his investment and keep his system running at top performance!

Mitsubishi Maintenance, West Boylston MA

Carol called us to do the maintenance on her Mitsubishi ductless mini split. She warned us the unit was located over the top of the staircase which is very difficult to reach. We sent the technician that specializes in maintenance and difficult to reach places. He was able to access the unit and clean everything. The system is operating like new. Carol commented how professional and polite the technician was during the call.




HVAC Inspection, Boylston

Walter was purchasing a new home and needed an inspection on the HVAC system.  Walter contacted us to schedule the appointment and explained how he needed the inspection within 24 hours. We were able to send one of our top technicians to the home to meet Walter and his realtor the next day. After the inspection, the technician completed a comprehensive report, reviewed the findings and answered all of the questions. Walter was so thankful we met the quick turnaround time and  he was impressed at  how thorough the technician was. Walter purchased the home with piece of mind the HVAC system was in tip top shape! He has since signed up with one of our maintenance contracts!

Static Build Up in Fiskdale, MA

The air in Bob’s home was so dry that he would constantly get shocked because of the static build up. He also noticed his hands were extremely dry, his lips were chapped, and he would experience the occasional bloody nose during the heating season.  Bob had a portable humidifier in his home but that did not seem to make a difference with comfort.  Bob happen to mention this to the Meacham technician one day during his annual maintenance visit.  The tech told Bob he could get a humidifier that would tie into to his existing heating system with the ability to regulate the humidity in the home.  Two months after Bob had one installed, he called the office to thank us for the recommendation and commented in the significant difference in comfort.

AC Service, South Grafton, MA

Joe’s air conditioner stopped working that evening, so he called the office in a panic to get a service call scheduled.  Joe explained that  he and his wife were expecting guests at their home in two days and the house was unbearably hot. We were able to schedule a technician out the same day to diagnose the problem. The technician had the part on his truck and with Joe’s permission the tech was able to install the part to get his system up and running! Joe and his wife were extremely grateful we were able to diagnose the issue and that we had the part available to fix his system all in the same service call!   

Heat Pump Replacement, North Oxford, MA


Fran called to report an odd noise coming from his 23-year-old heat pump. He also mentioned that it did not appear to work very well over the past couple of months.  Given the age of the heat pump, we recommended that Fran may want to consider a system replacement.  Fran agreed and asked about scheduling a Comfort Advisor. The office was able to schedule the Comfort Advisor the next day and complete the proposal. Fran signed the proposal and had the heat pump installed right before the first real cold day in fall. He praised the install team and the comfort advisor and wrote a review stating how impressed he was with their professionalism.

Boiler & Indirect Water Heater, Shrewsbury

Initially, we were scheduled to replace the boiler but upon close examination of the indirect water heating fittings it was determined we needed to replace the water heater as well.  The fittings for the cold water supply, were showing signs of corrosion which most likely would result in major issues for the customer.

The customer preferred not to replace the water heater, but the lead technician insisted that there was too much corrosion. The attached pictures show what a great eye the technician has.......the fittings got ugly. We replaced the 45 gallon with a HTP 60 gallon. Eliminating leaking threats. Long hot showers for all! 

Boiler &  Indirect Water Heater, Shrewsbury - Photo 1Boiler &  Indirect Water Heater, Shrewsbury - Photo 2Boiler &  Indirect Water Heater, Shrewsbury - Photo 3Boiler &  Indirect Water Heater, Shrewsbury - Photo 4Boiler &  Indirect Water Heater, Shrewsbury - Photo 5
Work Requests From Worcester County, MA
Vicinity of Hastings Rd in Worcester
Doing a renovation on a home and I would like to investigate geothermal heating/cooling.
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